TexPrint® MP 95 Improves Sublimation Printing Process for Large Manufacturer

Company Profile

As a manufacturer of lifestyle tote bags in the Midwest, this company provided top of the line environmentally friendly cloth tote bags for every day use. Their markets included beauty, organization, and travel. This manufacturer designed consumer products that deliver on the growing needs of environmentally conscious consumers who don’t want to sacrifice style and functionality for sustainability.


The customer was using a sheeted bond paper not designed for dye sublimation. They began experiencing ghosting
with their bag graphics because the bond paper would not adhere to the fabric properly. They also needed a paper that could run through the printer and fall flat into a basket in

an organized stack, so their printing process could be run overnight unattended. However, when the paper fell from the printer into the basket, it bunched and curled and was unusable.


Our sales representative recommended TexPrint®MP 95 gsm dye sublimation paper for the customer. MP’s balance of quick drying, excellent dimensional stability, superb definition, and absolute reproducibility provided the stable platform needed for their printing application. The heavier weight paper helped improve their production process by eliminating curling and bunching of the paper.


The TexPrint®MP 95 gsm sublimation paper provided a significant cost savings for their company, as well as a vibrant and enhanced transfer. TexPrint®MP eliminated their ghosting issues by printing flat every time. Beaver Paper’s solution allowed them to run over-night production on our MP 95 paper without the paper curling or bunching. This resulted in the customer being able to effortlessly print the graphics onto their bags with excellent results.

Features and Benefits

Longer Roll Lengths

Fewer roll changes, less downtime.

Lower Basis Weight

Reduces purchase transport, storage and disposal costs.

Natural Color

No bleaching agents, less harmful to the environment.


Eliminates a major cause of heat induced textile yellowing.

High Gas Barrier Sheet with Heat Resistance

Extends life of the calendar belt by blocking excess dye-gas.

Neutral ph

Retains most tensile strength after prolonged exposure to heat.

Wrinkle-free wind

Prevents transferred crease marks.

High tensile strength

Reduces web tear-outs.


100% recyclable ingredients.

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