Printer of Household Fabrics Improves Profitability and Productivity

Company Profile

A large print house focusing on sublimated textiles for the home goods industry. The print house sublimates large quantities of fabric for home decor including tablecloths, furniture, curtains, pool table covers, and much more.


The issue was with their tissue. The print house’s previous supplier had significant shipping delays and were unable to keep up with the printer’s demand for tissue.

These delays and availability deficiencies were causing the printer to have critical delivery problems, missing deadlines with their own customers.


The print house partnered with Beaver Paper, who maintains largest inventory of ProTexTM tissue in the industry. ProTexTM tissue is made and converted in the USA, allowing for faster turnaround, shorter lead times, and timely fulfillment.

Beaver Paper easily met the printer’s supply needs with their available tissue stock and wide range of roll lengths and widths.


Our new customer has yet to run out of tissue since partnering with Beaver Paper. Since ProTexTM tissue has a higher yield per pound, the printer found they could stock less rolls in their warehouse opening up valuable space. At the end of the year, they used 30 percent less tissue, saving them over $100K last year alone.

Features and Benefits

Longer Roll Lengths

Fewer roll changes, less downtime.

Lower Basis Weight

Reduces purchase transport, storage and disposal costs.

Natural Color

No bleaching agents, less harmful to the environment.


Eliminates a major cause of heat induced textile yellowing.

High Gas Barrier Sheet with Heat Resistance

Extends life of the calendar belt by blocking excess dye-gas.

Neutral ph

Retains most tensile strength after prolonged exposure to heat.

Wrinkle-free wind

Prevents transferred crease marks.

High tensile strength

Reduces web tear-outs.


100% recyclable ingredients.

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