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Digital dye-sub paper for large and grand format printing

Our family of TexPrint® sublimation papers offer a simpler way of getting things done. With a variety of options to choose from, TexPrint® is designed to work efficiently with today’s high-speed printers with excellent results, every time!

TexPrint®MP is an easy-to-use multi-purpose sublimation paper. Engineered for the highest-speed, multi-head printers, MP has the range to deliver the results professional photographers insist on. MP’s balance of instant drying, excellent dimensional stability, superb definition and absolute reproducibility provides the stable platform for your printing.

TexPrint®UT lays flat, prints flat and resists cockling even under heavy ink loads. No head strikes, no worries. TexPrint®UT features economical ink usage, the highest color yields and powerful economics in cost conscious, high-volume textile printing environments and easily keeps pace with the fastest commercial printers without offsetting.  TexPrint®UT is not designed to transfer to hard, smooth or non-porous substrates.

TexPrint®TA is designed to adhere to sportswear and activewear fabrics, along with other soft surfaces prone to shrinkage and movement during image transfer. Due to the wide variety of surfactants and soil release coatings applied to modern fabrics, TexPrint®TA is offered in heavy and light adhesion. Based on the proven performance and economy of the TexPrint®UT family of dye-sub papers, TexPrint®TA offers all the positive attributes of UT, PLUS thermo-adhesion. Like UT, TexPrint®TA is not intended for use on smooth or solid-surface transfers.

TexPrint®XP, the original paper that does it all. Insisted upon by professional photographers for hard surface and metal transfers. Used by more exhibit system fabric printers than any other dye-sub paper. TexPrint®XP dries instantly, resists cockling and takes extreme ink-loads while maintaining high definition and color fidelity.

GSM – 125 gsm
             95 gsm

INK – Water-based


SUBSTRATE – Hard & Soft

PRINTER – Aleph, Ampla, Atexco, d.gen, DGI, Durst, EFI, Reggiani, Epson, Flora, HP, MS, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, SPG

Stock Widths – 125 gsm: 320cm, 264cm. 183cm, 162cm, 152cm
95 gsm: 320cm, 264cm. 183cm, 162cm, 137cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm

APPLICATIONS – Soft & Hard Surfaces, Photography, Home Décor, Tradeshow Exhibits, Signage, Home Décor, Exhibits, Banners, Blinds

GSM92 gsm
             72 gsm
             58 gsm
             39 gsm

INK – Water-based

COATING – Cellulose


PRINTER – d.gen, Mimaki, Epson, Roland, Mutoh, MS, Regianni

STOCK WIDTHS – 92 gsm: 320cm, 264cm. 183cm, 162cm, 137cm, 132cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm
72 gsm: 320cm, 264cm. 183cm, 162cm, 132cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm
58 gsm: 162cm
39 gsm: 162cm

APPLICATIONS –  Textiles, Banners, Blinds, Soft Signage, Home Decor, Tradeshow Exhibits, Fashion Textiles

GSM92 gsm
           100 gsm

INK – Water-based

COATING – Cellulose + Thermo Adhesive


PRINTER – Roland, Epson, Mutoh and Mimaki

STOCK WIDTHS – 92 gsm:  239cm, 183cm, 162cm, 152cm, 137cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm
100 gsm: 183cm, 162cm, 152cm, 137cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm

APPLICATIONS – “Heavy” for use on fabrics with finishes requiring more aggressive adhesion.
“Light” thermo-adhesive for use on fleece, etc.

GSM – 140 gsm
             105 gsm

INK – Water-based

COATING – Solid-Surface / Clay

SUBSTRATE – Hard & Soft

PRINTER – Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, DGI

STOCK WIDTHS – 140 gsm: 264cm, 182cm, 162cm, 137cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm
105 gsm: 264cm, 182cm, 162cm, 137cm, 112cm, 92cm, 61cm

APPLICATIONS – Hard and soft surfaces, Photography, Home Decor, Tradeshow Exhibits, Signage, Banners, Blinds

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