Large Custom Printer Saves Over $200K Using ProTex™ Tissue

Company Profile

A large, full service custom printing house providing specialty and one-of-a-kind sublimation printing for clients in a variety of industries. The custom printer manages unique jobs of all sizes with exceptional customer service and attention to detail.


The print house needed to partner with a transfer tissue producer that could quickly supply inventory for large blan- ket orders during their very busy season.

To meet product revenue goals, the printer needed to find an additional way to save money on their tissue orders.


Beaver Paper was able to deliver ProTexTM tissue to the printer as needed by shipping and storing tissue at one of our strategically located warehouses to easily support the printer’s tissue demand. This was the first time in years the printer did not run out of transfer tissue during their busy season.

Since ProTexTM offers 30 percent more tissue per yard per roll, the customer gained a significant saving by using less storage space, fewer roll changes and less downtime.


Our new customer was able to use less tissue by weight, saving over $200,000 within the first year. Receiving 30 percent more paper with our 19-gram tissue while paying the same price per pound, the customer actually saved 30 percent per yard on the tissue from our yield advantage.

The printing house was able to stay fully stocked during their peak season. Beaver Paper’s large inventory of ProTex Tissue and conveniently located facilities ensured efficient and timely fulfillment on all of the printer’s orders.

Features and Benefits

Longer Roll Lengths

Fewer roll changes, less downtime.

Lower Basis Weight

Reduces purchase transport, storage and disposal costs.

Natural Color

No bleaching agents, less harmful to the environment.


Eliminates a major cause of heat induced textile yellowing.

High Gas Barrier Sheet with Heat Resistance

Extends life of the calendar belt by blocking excess dye-gas.

Neutral ph

Retains most tensile strength after prolonged exposure to heat.

Wrinkle-free wind

Prevents transferred crease marks.

High tensile strength

Reduces web tear-outs.


100% recyclable ingredients.

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