Beaver Paper, the leader in sublimation media for the dye-sub and digital print industry, is thrilled to announce the addition of TexPrint®UT/39 to its family of utility textile sublimation papers. A unique, lightweight sublimation transfer paper, UT/39 was created exclusively to meet the demands of the fast-fashion textile industry.

An easy-to-work-with paper, UT/39 features economical ink usage, highest color yields and powerful economics in cost conscious, high-volume textile printing environments. TexPrint®UT lays flat. Prints flat. Resists cockling even under heavy ink loads. No head strikes, no worries. Its fast ink absorption properties easily allow it to keep pace with the highest-speed commercial textile printers without offsetting.

“We saw a need in the marketplace for a lightweight sublimation transfer paper exclusive to the demands of the fashion textile industry,” said Donald P. Burke, CFO of Beaver Paper, a member of Koehler Paper Group. “Dye sublimation has seen tremendous growth in the fashion industry, and we’ve responded with our lightest-weight, most economical transfer paper.”

Features include:

  • Highest dye-gas output – More color on your fabric, less ink left on your print-sheet.
  • Flatness – TexPrint®UT lays flat. Prints flat. Resists cockling even under heavy ink loads with no head strikes.
  • Faster transfers – TexPrint®UT allows heat to migrate through the print sheet quicker, allowing lower calendar dwell times and faster transfer speeds, while deposing the richest and deepest dye-gas penetration.
  • Backside binder – A specially developed binder applied to the non-print side of TexPrint®UT controls fiber-contamination of sticky-belt platens on high-speed digital textile printers.

For more information and for complimentary samples of the new TexPrint®UT/39 contact us at