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Imaging Fabrics
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Applications Include: Backlit and Specialty Prints

Key Features of TexStyles® SK II Graphic Fabrics

  • 100% woven polyester
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Exceptional whiteness
  • Vivid color reproductions
  • Very Stable with minimal shrinkage
  • Meets NFPA 701 Flame Resistance Standards
  • Available in direct to fabric finish

TexStyles® are stocked in widths up to 122 inches and can be trimmed to meet your width and roll length requirements. Sample rolls are available to ensure suitability for each customer's application.


TexStyles Sublimation Imaging Fabrics
Physical Property Standard Method of Testing
Material 100% Woven Polyester  
Weight 7.25 oz/yd2 ASTM D-3776-09
Width Up to 122" ASTM D-3774
Tensile Strength - Length 358 (lbf) ASTM D-5034-09
Tensile Strength - Width 416 (lbf) ASTM D-5034-09
Elongation - Length 50% at break ASTM D-5034-09
Elongation - Width 42% at break ASTM D-5034-09
Lightness 91 CIE L*
Light Transmission / Opaqueness 43% (@ 100ft candles) AATCC 148-1989
Flame Resistance Passed NFPA 701-2010
Flame Resistance Passed NY / NJ Port Authority
Flame Resistance Passed Boston City Fire Codes
NOTE: Suitability for use is at the sole determination of the user. All values represent averages. Textiles are subject to certain production variances for weight, color, width and physical properties. In order to ensure that the product desired is acceptable, the customer should request a small sample to determine its compatibility for use.