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High-Yield Protective Tissue for Dye-Sub Heat Calenders

Recyclable ProTex™ Tissue provides more widths and diameters, in stock, with over a million pounds in the supply pipeline!

With standard widths from 36 cm to 3.3 m, high density, highly formed natural eucalyptus fiber sheet provides the highest yield and strongest barrier properties.

Reduced mass cuts purchases, reduces storage and disposal costs, while formaldehyde-free formulation prevents yellowing of white sythetic fabrics.

ProTex™ extends the life of the calender belt, and heat resistant ProTex™ prevents web tear outs. Longer roll length reduces time with roll changes.

ProTex™ transfer-tissue is provided in popular 19 gsm basis-weight for all widths. 25 gsm ProTex is offered specially for Grand-Format rotary heat calenders at 126" (3.2 m) and 130" (3.3 m) widths.

*The Nomex belt is the single highest value replacement part of a transfer printing calender. Replacing the belt, by hired engineer, costs up to 10% of the machine value (belt + labor + expenses). In addition to cost, the machine will be offline for two days while changing the belt and properly conditioning a new one. Without proper protection of the belt, the usable service life can be reduced by years, as its porosity is ultimately compromised by pollutants and impurities in the textile/inks. Proper protection of the belt is necessary to maintain the highest transfer quality and least amount of waste over the expected life of the belt.

For more information about this product, please contact:

Brenda Hamrick
Product Manager
ProTex™ Graphic Fabrics
770.935.5080 ext. 228
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